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More Than Me Foundation

PO Box 438
Bernardsville, NJ 07924
Cause: Educators & Mentors


More Than Me is a nonprofit organization that helps girls get off the street and into school in West Point, Liberia.

Over 50% of girls in Liberia are denied an education. We work with community leaders to specifically identify the girls who are at the highest risk of being sexually abused to ensure that education and opportunity, not exploitation and poverty, shape their lives.

We provide their education and rally their community so it becomes almost impossible for them to fail. Building a pathway towards the dreams of Abigail and Regina and our other girls starts with walking through the doors of our school and is reinforced by vocational training, after-school arts and dance class, and a staff of teachers that demand (and inspire) excellence.

Having an impact is not always simple. This is.

Big Idea

We asked all of the charities to tell us what they’d do with a $1 million grant. Here’s what they had to say!

For Abigail, Regina, and the other girls that drive us every day, a $1MM investment in their dreams would change, well, just about everything. In the next two years alone, More Than Me would increase the number of girls in our program from 108 to 1000. 250,000 more nutritious meals would be eaten during school hours. Girls in our program would receive 1,200 more immunizations against infectious diseases.

256 vocational classes in sewing and jewelry-making and baking would be offered. 25 energetic teachers would be added to our team. And two additional buildings would be immediately renovated to support our new (and eager) students.

It's simple: This investment would enable More Than Me to build a pathway of dreams for thousands of the world's most vulnerable girls.

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Masnoh Wilson

Thanks Katie for doing what you do to help children in Liberia! God bless you always!

December 7 at 9:06am EST
Dave Girgenti

Final vote! See you all soon!

December 5 at 12:32am EST
Todd C. Jones-Hull

Makes me want to kick myself when I think of those marginal inconveniences that change my character. The living conditions and limited options these kids are exposed to are deplorable. Thanks Katy for looking out for someone other than yourself :)

December 4 at 9:14pm EST
Amy Carol Wolff

Jada Pickett Smith joined with us to vote - love it. Raise our voices so that Abigail's is heard!

December 4 at 4:52pm EST
Laydee Wilder

this is and incredible opportunity to enrich inquiring minds... I wish them the highest success! God Bless!

December 4 at 3:31pm EST
Addie Brice

A small window has open for them lets keep it open by helping in every way. :) Muah! God bless.

December 4 at 3:25pm EST
Sparrow's Hope for Girls

If a small thing like a vote can help, I'm IN! God, protect these girls from predators! Grateful for any and all organizations that protect and provide for the needs of children!

December 4 at 11:49am EST
Fawn RecordingArtist

Every one deserves to be given a chance to be all that they were born to be!

December 4 at 2:37am EST
Abdullah Rashid

I did vote, but the question is, if they really want to help, why would they wait for people to like their silly facebook app just so they help little girls in Africa? what can they use likes for anyways? not really buying this but I did it anyways.

December 3 at 8:25pm EST
Eder Vera

We need more people like Katie

December 3 at 1:34am EST
Nicholas Green

The hardship and pain these girls endure is to me, a man and living in a privileged country unimaginable, but I do have empathy and compassion that these children of God become saved..

December 2 at 5:33pm EST
Kate Nguyen


December 2 at 3:28pm EST
Ikena Carreira

I pledged my vote for Abigail because... she's a dreamer (and so am I).

November 30 at 3:53am EST
Michelle Forgione


November 29 at 6:18pm EST
Marleen Rothengatter

Please vote here! Hier stemmen alsjeblieft! :) THNX www.morethanme.org.

November 29 at 5:18am EST
Chris Hoar

These children lead a life that I cannot possibly fathom, thank God for people like Katie Meyler.

November 27 at 10:49pm EST
Sami Hall

Time to change the world we live in you can make a difference please vote.

November 27 at 7:26pm EST
Troy Dyer

Go "More Than Me" go!

November 27 at 1:41pm EST
Susan D Anastasia

Good luck Katie you're an amazing woman supporting a wonderful cause xxoo.

November 27 at 1:38pm EST
Kathy Carmody Lemmons

Please vote! These girls need your help!

November 27 at 10:42am EST
Saran Kaba Jones

goog luck More than Me!

November 27 at 10:41am EST
J Ross Parrelli

Take a minute this morning for change.....

November 27 at 10:35am EST
Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey

This is real: vote! <3 http://signup.voteabigail.org/

November 27 at 10:23am EST
Jennifer Teutli

Voten por esta causa, ess lo maximo! Estas chiquitas en Liberia necesitan nuestra ayuda!

November 27 at 8:06am EST
Jennifer Teutli

Please vote for this cause! If there ever was something worthwhile it's this one! Lets help these little girls in Liberia!

November 27 at 8:06am EST

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